Fireflies of Brownsville (In Production)

The geography of Brownsville, Brooklyn is divided by an ongoing rivalry between public hosing developments. In this virtual reality documentary, players from both sides of the conflict work together to explore the stories, histories, and dreams of the community and its residents. By participating in this world-adventure simulation which attempts to reunite residents, players  must traverse the complexities of violence in the neighborhood while searching to answer a simple question; do we have more in common than we once thought? 


I, Destini (2016)

Developed through a series of creative workshops with a family's youngest member, I, Destini is an animated film that explores the poignant and imaginative illustration of a youth's perspective on the effects of having an incarcerated loved one.
Driven by process, I, Destini is a documentary that focuses on a mutual transference of ideas, rather than the traditional emphasis placed on extraction of experience. While cultivating this film, a space was created where ideas were shared freely among the family (subjects of the film), allowing each individual to be impulsive with their creativity, self-expression, and interaction with each other. 

As a result, Destini Riley penned an autobiographical script and began to animate her experience as it related to over-policing in America and the resulting impacts brought on by her brother’s incarceration. 

The film took three years to complete and as a family-created documentary, appeared in a court of law as part of her brother's trial.  The result of her brother’s trial was a unanimous “not-guilty” verdict. The film was also used as a part of broader community activism, an effort which helped support the resignation of Durham, North Carolina’s police chief, whose police department was notorious for racial profiling.