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Fireflies of Brownsville (Director) - In Production

Fireflies of Brownsville is a “docu-game” being collaboratively developed by youth to address the violent, historical conflict in their community of Brownsville, Brooklyn. Divided my ongoing gang rivalry between public housing developments, the docu-game is comprised of multiple real-time users who navigate a virtual Brownsville and jointly complete missions rooted in the shared viewing of over one-hundred interviews that explore the stories, histories, and dreams of their community.

From its inception to its completion, Fireflies of Brownsville has been and will continue to be created and developed by and for youth of the community. The final project will be presented to various community centers and hosing developments in order to facilitate networked dialogue through the installation of permanent arcade-style kiosks.

I, Destini (Director) - 2016

Developed through a series of creative workshops with a family's youngest member, I, Destini is an animated film that explores the poignant and imaginative illustration of a youth's perspective on the effects of having an incarcerated loved one. 

Driven by process, I, Destini is a documentary that focuses on a mutual transference of ideas, rather than the traditional emphasis placed on extraction of experience. While cultivating this film, a space was created where ideas were shared freely among the family (subjects of the film), allowing each individual to be impulsive with their creativity, self-expression, and interaction with each other. Through this process, Destini Riley penned an autobiographical script and began to animate her experience as it related to over-policing in America and the resulting impacts brought on by her brother’s incarceration. 

The film took three years to complete and appeared in a court of law as part of her brother's trial. The result of her brother’s trial was a unanimous “not-guilty” verdict. The film was also used as a part of broader community activism, an effort which helped support the resignation of Durham, North Carolina’s police chief, whose police department was notorious for racial profiling.

Most recently, I, Destini won special recognition at Aspen Shortfest, Filmmaker Fellow Award at Indie Grits, Documentary Award at Palm Springs International Short Film Festival, was nominated for the 59th Cine Awards in the Short Documentary Category, and was profiled in the New York Times.  

I, Destini webpage. 

New York Times Op-Docs op-ed article. 

National Ecosystem Services (Director) - 2014

National Ecosystem Services is a policy documentary made for the Department of Interior in coordination with the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions. This film investigates potential benefits of Ecosystem Services as a metric for environmental policy. Interviews included: the U.S. Secretary of the Interior as well as senior officials at the Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Federation, and The Nature Conservancy.

The National Ecosystem Services documentary was privately screened on Capitol Hill in spring-summer, 2014.

Meet The Press (Director) - 2014

When all words from a single episode of Meet the Press are removed and trans-coded into the raw data that comprise the digital images we see on screen, what remains is an artifact that articulates our current state of discourse in American politics.

This film premiered at Indie Grits Film Festival and was released on tour with the festival’s yearly road-show.

PASSWORD: Pilarski

Estamos Aquí (Director) - 2013

As a traditional observational documentary, Estamos Aquí profiles migrant farm workers in North Carolina, Florida, and California.     The film was made in collaboration with Head Start.

Estamos Aquí was privately screened on Capitol Hill for politicians and senior officials in the Obama Administration in fall, 2013. 

Of Remnants (Director) - 2013

Of Remnants explores an act of trauma experienced by the film's co-creator and film lead. The development process aimed to remove language from the vernacular to delve into corporeality and embodied memory as a remnant of the dancers lived experience.

The film premiered at the National Film Museum of the Netherlands (EYE). A version of the film was presented at MoMA's Inventing Abstract exhibition through Abstract Currents and selected for the Short Film Program at the Windsor International Film Festival.

Blue Man, Blue Man Group (Performer), New York & Chicago – 2007-2010

Performed in over 600 stage, public, and television performances with fellow company members. Additional responsibilities included creating new content, reviewing performances, giving basic stage/musical direction to colleagues, and participating in various interviews with media. Also performed in over a dozen professional and academic shows created for the stage, as well as played percussion with various Grammy nominated artists in coordination with the Blue Man Group.

Shown below, center, performing with the Chicago cast.